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Jay writes with the unique combination of a pure heart, extensive market experience and first rate technical competence. These personal qualities translate to a comprehensive technical guide to property investing and a beautifully presented vision of what investing in this asset class can do for any impact driven human. -Dillon Dhanecha

This gem of a book has a plethora of knowledge and wisdom in Property. I love how it highlights the importance of mindset and having a Mastermind team to help you build a successful Portfolio. The visual Case Studies from his students were very inspirational to me and is testament to what Jay Munoz strategies can do. -Rodrigo Torres

Written by Jay Munoz, Co-founder of Assets For Life

Story Of Perseverance

I was born in Colombia and in all honesty had a privileged upbringing. My parents started their lives together with very little as teachers, but with shear hard work and retraining they changed careers, with my dad becoming a very successful doctor. Also at this time my Mother became involved in property development. I am sure it was growing up in this environment that has shaped my own work ethics, and my love for building.

I saw civil engineering as a way of improving lives; transport connections, power supplies and buildings all make a massive contribution. I wanted to be able to improve peoples lives – ‘modus vivendi’.

After a few years in the construction industry, I left Colombia and decided to immigrate to the UK and improve my English skills.

In 2003, I started reading an MSc at Surrey University, and I was determined to achieve this qualification whilst supporting myself. I negotiated stage payments of the course fees, and I worked full-time doing unskilled jobs, such as cleaning toilets and pizza delivery to fund it all.

With perseverance and my new qualification I set out to find myself a job. I was so conscious that UK nationals would be far higher up any pecking order, and then Europeans, leaving the “kid” from South America at the bottom of the pile. I knew I had to do something special, so I sent out 30,000 CVs! It worked, the result was 5 job offers.

 I thought I was absolutely in the right place, until I read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
This set my head spinning, and I knew I had to have my own business.

Then I met Liam and as you might say, the rest is history…

I love Assets for Life. It ticks all my boxes; I can share and help other people, I can improve lives through building and development. I have wealth to have choice and freedom, which means I can give my best to my family too.

Kilonewtons of love!

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