Free Mastermind For Serious Property Investors Only

Game Changing In-Person Training From Assets For Life Reveals:

The Simple 7-Step
Property Freedom Formula Responsible For Over £28M Worth Of Property Deals

With Strategies Perfect For Both New And Experienced Investors

Game Changing In-Person Training From Assets For Life Reveals:

The Simple
7-Step Property Freedom Formula Responsible For Over £28M Of Property Deals

With Strategies Perfect For Both New And Experienced Investors

 Thursday, 8th August 2024
 6:30pm - 9:30pm


Thursday, 8th August 2024


6:30pm - 9:30pm


The Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch, London, W1H 7EH

Discover How Essex Business Owners Can Use A Simple 4 Step Process To Acquire High Converting Clients

...Without coming off as desperate or sleezy

Watch This Video First! (Audio On!)

Discover How Essex Business Owners Can Use A Simple 4 Step Process To Acquire High Converting Clients

...Without coming off as desperate or sleezy

Watch This Video First! (Audio On!)

Tired Of Trading Time For Money?

Are you tired of the relentless grind, working long hours, and sacrificing personal time just to maintain a comfortable lifestyle?

You may have a successful career and a comfortable income, but the constant hustle has left you overworked and exhausted.

You’re trading too much of your valuable time for money, missing out on precious moments with family and friends, and it’s gotten to the point where you’ve well and truly had enough.

But what if you could leverage your current earnings to invest in a proven strategy that generates passive income?

Introducing The Property Investment Seminar

The Property Investment Seminar is an in-person event reserved for individuals who are ready to invest and build their wealth with our simple, 7-step system.

Not only will you rub shoulders with and learn directly from some of the UK's most respected property investors…

You’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals all working towards the same goal:


Because whatever way you look at it…

You’re here, on this page, because you want your money to work for you so that you can spend time with your family, travel the world, and work on projects that inspire YOU.

That’s why, at this free event, you’ll learn how to leverage our renowned Property Freedom Formula.

The 7-Step Wealth-Building Solution You’ve Been Searching For 

The Property Freedom Formula

1) Mindset

More valuable than any individual property strategy is the investor mindset.

Even if you’re busy with a demanding career or business, you’ll leave this event understanding our core principle: YOU are your biggest asset.

2) Funding

Forget about saving up multiple deposits over years of hard work.

In 2024, you can leverage Other People’s Money (OPM) to scale your portfolio so that your initial investment continues paying you and your family for LIFE.

3) Site Finding

Did you know there are more than 23 different ways to find great deals in the UK?

Even if you’re new to this, we’ll teach you how to spot the most profitable opportunities and choose the right strategies for your goals.

4) Appraisal

We don’t buy on a hunch. Professionals rely on data and numbers.

We’ll show you the questions elite professional appraisers use every single time to assess a property’s real worth before you buy, not as you’re about to exit.

5) Planning

No one invests in property to end up working harder…

We’ll show you how top investors prioritise high-income tasks and build powerful teams to handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to enjoy the rewards without the grind.

6) Construction

You don’t need to be a builder or architect to excel in property investment!

Our seminar will teach you how to outsource construction work effectively, maximising efficiency and fostering profitable, long-term relationships.

7) Exit

Whether you decide to hold or sell, we’ll show you how to maximise your profits.

Learn the best exit strategies to ensure long-lasting residual income and high profit margins, enabling you to repeat the process time and time again.

Install 2024’s Most Powerful Wealth-Building Strategies Into Your Life At The Property Investment Seminar

During The Property Investment Seminar, You Will:

Learn how to master the Property Freedom Formula to generate limitless passive income working as little as 7 hours per week
Gain insider knowledge on over 23 methods to find the best property deals in the UK market, even if you’re new to investing
Discover how to save £10,000s on tax every year even if you have little to no investment or business experience right now 
Learn how the top 1% of UK property investors generate millions on autopilot without sacrificing their personal lives or working longer hours
Master our proven system to rinse and repeat the investment process, generating residual income and high-profit margins consistently



Hi, We’re Assets For Life

We’re the UK’s leading business and wealth training organisation dedicated to helping busy working professionals regain control of their time and income through property investment.

We don’t walk you around in circles like many other UK property organisations.

We provide the clear, actionable advice and guidance you need to invest your money in the UK’s safest property ventures to maximise your revenue and give you the freedom you deserve.

“How?” you ask…

With the simple, 7-step process we and our students have been using for over eight years responsible for over £28,000,000 of property deals.

Turn Your Hard-Earned Income Into Passive Wealth With Property

As someone with a healthy cash flow, this isn’t the first time investing in property has crossed your mind.

You already know:
  • The UK property market is rock-solid, even when the economy wobbles, and property values in prime spots appreciate over time
  • You can earn solid rental income that can cover your mortgage and give you extra cash to splash
  • With a growing population and more people choosing to rent, you’ll have a steady stream of potential tenants and fewer empty periods
  • ​The UK government gives property investors favourable tax perks, like deductions on mortgage interest and other property-related expenses.
  • ​With a mortgage, you can buy properties worth more than your initial investment, increasing your potential returns and overall portfolio worth. 
The problem is that you didn’t know how or who to trust…until now. 

Install 2024’s Most Powerful Wealth-Building Strategies Into Your Life At The Property Investment Seminar

Meet Your Mentors

Phil Elder

Your Property Investment Seminar Host

Phil is known among his peers as a the solution focused, multiple business entrepreneur, a family man, with a passion for extreme sport.

Phil's experience includes being a professional investor, developer, trainer and former Estate Agent with experience from the corporate and independent agency markets.
His ability to communicate and support his clients and peers, comes from decades of experience in an impressive range of fields including: Motivational & Public Speaking, Finance/Brokerage, Aesthetics Business Consultation, Accountancy, Property Investment, Property Investment Training, Classic Car Racing, Speed Boat Racing, and Flight Instructor.

Amongst these areas of expertise, Phil is also well connected in the UK with a large community of professionals and investors.

Liam Ryan

Co-Founder of Assets for Life

Liam grew up knowing great hardship and decided very early on that his life wouldn't be about 'making do.' From making pocket money by selling sweets in the school playground, he developed a growth mindset that helped him create multi-million-pound businesses that have taken him all around the world.

With Assets For Life, the proof for Liam's Property Freedom Formula is self-evident. Since starting the company in 2015, he has raised over £9m in joint venture finance, enabling him to add £28m worth of properties to the portfolio.

Aside from his career as a serial entrepreneur, Liam’s true passion is educating others to achieve the same success that he is enjoying now. Liam is popularly regarded as one of the best property trainers in the UK. A brilliant public speaker and an A1 motivator.

Jay Munoz

Co-Founder of Assets for Life

Born in Colombia, Jay witnessed firsthand the power of hard work and perseverance. His parents began their journey together with modest means as teachers, but through determination and effort, they transformed their careers. His father became a highly successful doctor, while his mother ventured into property development. Growing up in this environment instilled in Jay a strong work ethic and a passion for building.

Jay spent his early years working in the construction industry in Colombia before deciding to immigrate to the UK to improve his English.

In 2003, he began pursuing an MSc at Surrey University, funding his studies by working full-time in unskilled jobs, such as cleaning toilets and delivering pizzas.

As a Chartered Civil Engineer, Jay has contributed to numerous large-scale projects, including the London Underground, the construction of The Wallbrook in London, and EDF's new £20 billion nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C.

Ordinary People Achieving 
Extraordinary Results 

Neil & Jacqui Dobson
  • ​66 property deals
  • ​Making over £140k net profit per year
  • ​Raised over £2million in JV finance
Cindy Bansal
  • 3 Property Deals
  • ​Multiple streams of income
  • ​£350k of equity
Hadjer Beyaz
  • ​Over 100 property deals
  • ​Multiple income streams
  • ​Over £100k of JV finance
Shaun Bartle
  •  Multiple Property Deals
  • ​Raised £250k in JV funding
Simba & Vicki
  • 22 property deals
  • Multiple streams of income
Rob Bulman
  • Starting out property developer
  • Raised £250k in JV finance
Daniel Steele
  • Level 3 Security
  • ​Over 10 creative business deals
Rob Mason
  • Level 5 Abundance
  • ​Over 200 creative business deals
Stephen Murray
  • Level 2 Stability
  • £250k in sales
Diane Morton
  • Level 3 Security
  • Over £500k in sales
Tudor and Claudia Dumitru
  • Level 2 Stability
  • Over 5 creative business deals
Laura North
  • Level 2 Stability
  • 10 property deals
Oliver Roworth
  • Level 2 Stability
  • 12 creative business deals
  • Level 4 Freedom
  • Raised over £1M in joint
    venture funding
  • ​Built a multi-million pound
    property portfolio
Ashley Crave
  • Level 3 Security
  • 18 High cash-flowing property deals

Install 2024’s Most Powerful Wealth-Building Strategies Into Your Life At The Property Investment Seminar

Bottom Line:

You’ve paid your dues.

You’ve worked hard, climbed the ladder or built a business, and reached a level of income that allows you to live a comfortable life.

But if you want to reach that next level of success, you need to stop trading time for money.

The Property Investment Seminar is an in-person event reserved for an elite group of individuals who are ready to invest and build their wealth.

Property isn’t cheap - we can all agree on that.

And while there are several loopholes and strategies you can implement to save money and reduce the amount of tax you’re required to pay…

You will inevitably be required to invest some capital to get started.

If this does not sound like something you are willing or able to do at this time, this event is not for you.

But if you’re more ready than ever to stop sitting on the sidelines and claim your slice of the UK’s £8.4 trillion property market.

Do not wait - places are LIMITED and filling fast: 

Frequently Asked Questions

 What's The Date & Time Of The Event?

The live event is happening on Thursday, 8th August 2024, from 6:30pm - 9:30 pm. You will need to travel to the The Thistle Hotel, Bryanston Street, London, W1H 7EH

Thistle London Marble Arch is situated in an outstanding central London location. We are located just a stone’s throw from the capital's key shopping districts, such as Oxford Street, Regent St, and Mayfair, as well as a host of famous London landmarks, including Harrods, Hyde Park, and Buckingham Palace. What’s more, London Heathrow Airport is under an hour away on the Elizabeth Line.

Nearest Tube Stations:
Marble Arch (Central Line) 3 Minute Walk
Bond Street (Elizabeth Line, Jubilee Line, Central Line) 8 Minute Walk

 What Do I Need To Bring?

This is a jam-packed event filled with actionable content - make sure you bring a notepad and pen to write it all down!

 Why Is Attendance Free?

I remember a time when things weren’t going well for me. I needed help and reached out to somebody who guided me in my time of need. Since that day, I’ve made it my mission to be ‘that person’ for others. This free training is my way of helping ambitious investors exceed their goals. 

 Is This Right For Me?

This training is for anyone interested in learning more about property investment and what strategies generate the highest ROI. 

It does not matter if you’re completely new to investing or an experienced investor looking to gain new skills and connections with like-minded entrepreneurs.

EVERYONE is welcome at The Property Investment Seminar! 

 Can I Bring A Friend?

Absolutely! Due to limited space, we recommend that you register them in advance by sharing the registration link you will find in your welcome email.

Last-minute sign-ups will be available at the door if space permits. 

Install 2024’s Most Powerful Wealth-Building Strategies Into Your Life At The Property Investment Seminar

Who Is This Event For?

  • ​If you’re new to property, and you’ve no idea where to begin when it comes to investing in property or sourcing deals.
  • ​​If you’re an established investor and want to ensure that your property business is fully scaled to your size and expected growth. 
  • ​If you’ve not yet implemented or seriously considered building any assets, and could use some insight into how to start and what to do.
  • ​If you’re finding yourself going through periods of feast and famine when finding new deals, investors or tenants for your rooms, and you need to establish an automated system that generates a consistent profits (without over committing yourself).
  • ​ If you’re already applying some sort of property strategy such as rent-to-rent, HMO's or commercial conversions as a part of your business, but you know there's room for improvement.

All Your Questions Answered

 Where Is The Event Happening?

Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London, SW7 4LH

 What Do I Need To Bring?

This is going to be one jam packed event filled with actionable content - make sure you bring a notepad and pen to write it all down!

 Why Is Attendance Free?

I remember a time when things weren’t going well for me at all. I needed help and reached out to somebody. That somebody gave me the help I needed right at the point I needed it most. Since that time I have always done the best I can to be that somebody for other people in need of help. Let me be that somebody for you. One of the greatest achievements for me these days is seeing others grow from what they have learnt at The Property Investment Summit. 

I absolutely love training, teaching, motivating and inspiring people to achieve. But it’s not as simple as that. At every event we hold, we always meet future Joint Venture partners. So as we see and facilitate the individual growth of others we are at the same time fuelling our own growth, our own success. The more successful we are, the more success we are able to pass on to others.

 Can I Bring A Friend?

Absolutely! You can bring friend on the day and they can register at the event reception but we always recommend, due to limited space, that you get them registered in advance by sharing the registration link that you will find in your welcome email.

Join Us For The The Property Investment Summit...

Come learn the proven property strategies from Liam Ryan in this in-depth training event that teaches you how to use The Property Freedom Formula, The Bulletproof system that anybody can use to start, scale and grow a property business...

The same formula as used by Liam and his business partner Jay, to personally raise over £9m of joint venture funding and secure £28m worth of property deals in the UK.

Assets for Life is a training company and as such promotes its training programs for profit, you are under NO obligation to purchase. Assets for Life does not purport to offer "GET RICH SCHEMES." Furthermore, Assets for Life do not guarantee any results from their training programs, as the responsibility to apply the knowledge acquired from the training is that of the individual and therefore is dependent on their particular factual situation/circumstances.

Assets for Life and its associates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. The material contained herein has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.Furthermore, whilst we endeavour to use reasonable efforts to furnish accurate, complete, reliable, error-free and up-to-date information, we do not warrant that it is such. We and our associates disclaim all warranties.

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