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Seize The Biggest Property Opportunity In Over 15 Years
Discover The 7-Step System Responsible For £30m Of Property Deals
Used By New And Veteran Property Investors

  Saturday, 3rd August 2024
  10:00am UK Time
  Virtual Event
 Saturday, 3rd August 2024
 10:00am UK Time
  Virtual Event

Here’s What You’ll Learn At
This Unmissable Event 

Here’s What You’ll Learn At This Unmissable Event 

If You’re Serious Or Curious About Property Investing In 2024

The Tried And Tested 7-Step Property Freedom Formula Responsible For £28 Million Worth Of Property Deals
How To Ethically Source The Most Profitable Below-Market Property Deals In A Buyer’s Economy
Deep Dive Into The Property Portfolio Matrix & Uncover The Hottest Property Strategies In The UK For Every Type Of Investor
Examine The 23+ Methods To Find Deals In 2024 Which Can Be Applied To ANY UK Property Strategy By Investors Of All Experience Levels
How To Effortlessly Analyse The Market, Communicate With Agents And Landlords, & Make Offers They Simply Can’t Resist
Why Property Is No Longer A Rich Man’s Game Due To Creative Finance Options & The Ability To Leverage Other People’s Money

The UK Property Market Is Changing And It’s Changing FAST…

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you:

After house prices climbed high and stayed high from 2021 to 2023, the pendulum is finally swinging the other way.

Property prices are falling rapidly.

But the demand for rental properties is still higher than ever.

For the first time in years, it's a buyer's market despite the ongoing shortage of houses in the UK…

Property experts are calling this the best chance for investors to build wealth since the worldwide financial crash of 2008.

We may not see an opportunity like this again for a LONG time…

That’s why finding profitable property deals and following the movements of the UK’s top property investors should be your #1 priority right now.

And that’s what this event is all about!

Save Your Free Spot At The Below Market Value Property Summit

You're Just Seven Steps Away From Starting Or Scaling A Highly Profitable Property Portfolio 

During the Below Market Value Property Summit, we’ll examine the seven-step process we and our students have been using for over eight years.

We Call It The Property Freedom Formula

(And It Really Is Responsible For Over £28,000,000 Of Property Deals)

1) Mindset

More valuable than any individual property strategy is the investor mindset.

Even if you don’t have a degree, thousands in the bank, or hours of free time, you’ll walk away from this event understanding our mantra: YOU are your biggest asset.

2) Funding

It’s no longer necessary to work hard and save up a deposit over a long period of time.

In 2024, you can leverage Other People’s Money (OPM) to build or scale your portfolio. We’ll show you how, so you don’t spend a PENNY of your own cash.

3) Site Finding

Did you know there are more than 23 different ways to find great deals in the UK?

Even if you have zero previous experience, we’ll show you how to find the most profitable deals on the market and pursue the strategies right for you.

4) Appraisal

We don’t buy on emotion. Professionals look at the numbers.

We’ll show you the questions elite professional appraisers use every single time to assess a property’s real worth before you buy, not as you’re about to exit. 

5) Planning

Nobody becomes a property investor to work longer and harder…

We’ll break down exactly how top property investors prioritise high-income-generating tasks and build a power team to do all of the heavy lifting for them.

6) Construction

Stop thinking you need to be a builder or architect to be a property expert!

The Below Market Value Property Summit will show you how to outsource the work for maximum efficiency while building long-lasting and profitable relationships. 

7) Exit

Whether you hold or sell, we’ll show you the best ways to maximise your profits.

We’ll take you through the ideal exit so you can rinse and repeat the entire Freedom Formula for long-lasting residual income and high profit margins.

Here’s How The Property Freedom Formula Has Impacted Our Students:  

Raised Over £250K
Of JV Finance
Raised Over £250K Of JV Finance
- Shaun Bartle
3 Deals, £1M Portfolio, £350K In Equity - Now She’s Quit Her Job!
- Cindy Bansal
From Shop Floor Assistant To Raising Over £100K Of JV Finance
 - Hadjer Beyaz

Save Your Free Spot At 
The Below Market Value Property Summit

There’s More To Property Investing Than Single Lets

It’s time to open your eyes and see that there’s so much more out there than the Buy To Let market - which most landlords know is DEAD anyway…
Let Us Walk You Through The Property Portfolio Matrix
(The UK’s Hottest Property Strategies Right Now For All Investor Types!)
In 2024, choosing property strategy is a lot like choosing something to watch on Netflix - there really is something for everyone! 

Luckily, at the Below Market Value Property Summit, there’s a lot less fluff!

We’ll take you through rent-to-rent, serviced accommodation, lease options, flips, commercial conversions, land development deals, and more! 

Save Your Free Spot At 
The Below Market Value Property Summit

Who Is This Event For?

New AND Existing Property Investors Who Want To Build Generational Wealth Through Property

Anyone Who Wants To Escape The Rat Race And Unlock Freedom And Financial Security For Potentially The First Time

Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Find, Fund, Fill Or Flip Profitable Property Deals

Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Speak To Agents, Use Other People’s Money & Make Irresistible Offers

Anyone Who Wants To Get Their Money To Work For Them Instead Of Being Eroded By Inflation In The Bank

Anyone Who Wants To Leverage Tried & Tested Strategies That Property Investors Have Been Using For Many, Many Years

Anyone Who Needs Help Deciding What The Best Property Strategy Is For Them Based On Their Unique Circumstances

This Is An Event About
Creating Win-Win Relationships

Although the market is shifting in the favour of buyers, that doesn’t mean we have to take advantage of anyone to profit from this changing economy.

There are hundreds of thousands of motivated sellers and landlords up and down the country right now who WE can help and provide value to:
  • We can offer sellers better deals than the banks
  • We can help investors make money without them lifting a finger 
  • ​We can take the pressure off landlords while both they and we make a profit
At Assets For Life, we’re all about building relationships that last! 

Save Your Free Spot At 
The Below Market Value Property Summit

Meet Your Hosts

Liam Ryan

Assets For Life Co-Founder, 8-Figure Property Investor, Mentor, Best-Selling Author

Liam Ryan is the co-founder of the top-rated, CPD-certified property business training and wealth education company Assets For Life.

He’s also an Amazon best-selling author and host of the Deal Maker Podcast.

With countless years of experience as a property and business entrepreneur, Liam is dedicated to helping investors of all experience levels build or scale profitable portfolios.

An expert at identifying unique Property Investor Profiles, Liam has a proven track record of guiding his students to hit financial goals of all shapes and sizes.

Rob Tuck

Property Expert, Assets For Life Mentor, Self-Made Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker

It wasn’t long ago that Rob Tuck was working in a golf shop for minimum wage without any idea of what direction his life was heading in.

Like many people, Rob assumed he didn’t have the wallet for property investing.

Then, he discovered how to leverage other people’s money and hands-on skills to become a master of the BRR strategy.

Now, Rob teaches property novices and experts the art of finding great property deals without investing experience, DIY skills, or thousands in the bank.

Further Success Stories From Assets For Life Students

£4K Profit From
Just One Deal
£4K Profit From Just One Deal
- Ade & Lola
8 Deals & Over £8K
Profit Per Month
8 Deals & Over £8K Profit Per Month
- Daniel Steele
Over 10 Property Deals
- And More To Come!
Over 10 Property Deals - And More To Come!
 - Simba & Vicki

Save Your Free Spot At 
The Below Market Value Property Summit

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