02-03 December 2023

Live, 2-Day, In-Person Training Reveals:

The UK’s Most 
Successful And Sought-After Wealth Strategies

The UK’s Most Successful And Sought-After Wealth Strategies

That Our Students Are Using Now To Make £300k+/Year

02 -03 December 2023

Where: Holiday Inn, Brook Street, Brentwood Essex

Stop Getting Stuck In Wealth-Building Webs…

And Stay Out For Good

Property investment pitfalls. Business strategy sinkholes. Passive income inclines.

There are countless obstacles out there preventing millions of UK citizens from earning true wealth in the next 12 months and beyond.

Of course, what ‘wealth’ means differs from person to person.

It could be taking their first steps as an investor and building the beginning of a successful portfolio…

…or bridging the chasm between 5 and 6 figures to truly live their life their way…

Either way, building wealth isn’t easy.
We’ve all heard that cliché a million times before, but deep down, we know it’s true. 

Otherwise, everyone would be a financial expert.

But unlike what the media and the gurus are screaming at the top of their lungs, the solution has nothing to do with having more time, money, or knowledge…

(AKA: The ‘tools’ that everyday people ‘need’ to overcome the pitfalls, the sinkholes, and the inclines…)

Wealth creation is something that anyone can learn.

It’s a science. An art. 

It’s not locked up; available only to those with the right resources to enter the password (or blow the vault right open…)

The strategies are out there.

And although you won’t learn them at school, university, or from YouTube videos…

…you WILL learn them at The Property, Business & Wealth Summit

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Here’s What’s Waiting For You

  • Learn how to start a successful property portfolio from scratch with NO mortgage and NO deposit using no money down strategies
  • Unlock the secret to growing your existing portfolio and sourcing 20 - 45% below market property deals
  • Discover the 6-figure strategies that are working for our students right now - even in the current housing market
  • Learn cutting-edge automation strategies that allow you to earn more while doing less in your business
  • Discover a network of like-minded business professionals with a common goal of sharing knowledge and experiences
  • Grasp how to leverage the best social media platforms for accelerated income and build awareness of your business and its greatest asset - YOU
  • ​Uncover the top wealth creation strategies currently being used by ordinary people to get life-changing results - FAST
  • Learn how to combat the current cost of living crisis with the simple 3-step system to make, manage and multiply wealth
  • Discover how to build a long-lasting legacy for you, your family and your loved ones without having to burn out, trading your time for money

PLUS! Reserve Your Seat Now To Unlock An Exclusive Bonus EBook:

"Property Investors Checklist eBook"

Groundbreaking Strategies From Industry Leaders

Meet Our Expert Team

Full disclosure:

Our speakers are NOT god-like figures who should be held in untouchable reverence on a pedestal…

Yes, they’re industry experts…
Yes, they all have successful businesses…
Yes, they are masters of 6 and 7-figure wealth-building strategies…

But at the end of the day, they’re human beings, everyday people like you who are humble and approachable.
They ALL started at the bottom, united by a powerful desire for MORE.

And guess what?

They didn’t make an impossible leap from A → B overnight. They all had hiccups along the way, and that’s what gives each of them the edge.

Because they come from a PROVEN place of knowledge and experience and are willing to share their journey with you.

Liam Ryan

Property & Business Entrepreneur Co-Founder Of Assets For Life

Has Raised Over £9M of Property Funding

Jay Munoz

Property & Business Entrepreneur Co-Founder of Assets For Life

Over £28M of Property Deals

Adam Stott

Business Branding & Growth Expert

Over £50m in Product Sales Via Social Media

Andrew Hubbard

Land Acquisition & Property Developer

Has Built Over 200 Homes

Ross Mallelieu 
aka the Agent Whisperer

Serviced Accommodation & Rent-to-Rent Expert

Property Expert & Has Sourced Over 2000 Deals

Rebecca Petran

Business Entrepreneur, Investor  & Author

Woman Lead Business Entrepreneur

Jamie York

 UK's Leading Property Deal Packaging Expert

Property Millionaire at 25 & Still Going Strong

Nick Staab

Client Acquisition And Sales Specialist

Closed Over £10M in Sales

Paul Preston

Property Multiple Streams of Income Expert

From £6 p.h. Cleaner to Property Millionaire

Reserve Your Seat At The Property, Business & Wealth Summit:

Here's A Snapshot Of Results 
Achieved By Previous Attendees

Here's A Snapshot Of Results 
Achieved By Previous Attendees

"Follow The Step by Step Guide"

First Deal In 12 days, Generating £4.4K Per Month
First Deal In 12 days, Generating 
£4.4K Per Month


"Getting Out Of The Rat Race"

Used Joint Venture Funding For His 1st Deal
Used Joint Venture Funding 
For His 1st Deal

Rob Mason

"Using The Strategies"

4 Deals In 6 weeks Generating £4k Profit Per Month
4 Deals In 6 weeks Generating £4k 
Profit Per Month

Laura North

"No Money Down"

First Deal In 2 Weeks & Scaling-Up 100%

Hawa & Daniel

Assets For Life Is A CPD 
Accredited Training Provider

Assets For Life Is A CPD 
Accredited Training Provider

The CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service is the world's leading and largest independent CPD accreditation organisation working across all industry sectors.

That little purple tick with the letters CPD on it? 

That symbol is recognised by millions of professionals as the qualitative benchmark for professional learning in a world where there’s an ‘increasing expectation’ for us to continuously enhance our skills and abilities - regardless of industry and career level.

We’ve aligned ourselves with the CPD Certification Service as a testament to the fact that our resources and training are, and always will be, to the highest standards.

Other CPD Training Providers Include:

Since our inception in 2015, we’ve coached 2000+ graduates to build reliable, diverse and highly profitable income streams.

Whether that’s through investment, property or another field…

We approach every subject with professionalism but, more importantly: passion.

Our mentors and experts come together to bring the science of wealth creation and the art of mentoring to the same room for continued education long after school.
During any Assets 4 Life event, we promise 3 things:
  • ​Sharing tried and tested blueprints that help build profitable and sustainable businesses.
  • Forging win-win relationships that last.
  • Creating access to a network of like-minded property, business and wealth professionals with a common goal of sharing knowledge and experiences.
When you join us at The Property, Business & Wealth Summit, you won’t be entering a room full of strangers. 

Instead, you…

Join A Winning Team:

George Wilkinson

8 Property High Cash-flowing Deals in 12 Months

Monique Smith

2 Property Deals in 12 Weeks

Hafiz Choudhury

3 Property Deals Generating £38k Profit

Ashlee Cave

Raised £20k JV Financing & 2 Property Deals

Alpay Yahya

First Property Deal in 4 Weeks

Lillian Gordon

First Property Deal in 2 Weeks Making £10k

Reserve Your Seat At The Property, Business & Wealth Summit:

Frequently Asked Questions

 When Is The Property, Business & Wealth Summit?

Block out your calendar!

This action-packed 2-day LIVE event takes place from Saturday, 02 December to Sunday, 03 December 2023. Registration will open at 09:00 AM for a 9:30 AM start each day (7pm finish).

​ Where Is The Event Taking Place?

You’ll find us at the Holiday Inn, Brentwood!

The address is Holiday Inn, Brook Street, Brentwood, CM14 5NF.

The Hotel is located just off the Brook Street Roundabout, M25 Jct. 28. Free Parking is available on site.
If you're coming by public transport, the hotel is 7 minutes from Brentwood Railway Station by taxi. Regular buses also run from the station to the venue.

If you do not wish to travel there and back each day, the hotel does offer reasonable rates.

 What Do I Need To Bring?

This will be one jam-packed event filled with actionable content - make sure you bring a notepad and pen to write it all down!

 Why Is Attendance Free?

I remember a time when things weren’t going well for me. I needed help and reached out to somebody who guided me in my time of need. 

Since that day, I’ve made it my mission to be ‘that person’ for others. 

This free training is my way of helping ambitious investors exceed their goals. 

 ​What Do I Need To Wear?

Can you ever be fully prepared for the ever-changing UK climate?

While there’s no formal dress code, we ask that you wear something comfortable and be prepared for whatever the weather throws at us!

 ​Will Refreshments Be Provided?

Due to the fact that we are already covering the cost of the room for you, no refreshments will be provided for this event, though there are plenty of restaurants and shops near the venue.

Reserve Your Seat At The Property, Business & Wealth Summit:


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