Brand New In-Person Workshop For 2024:
How To Build A £2M Retirement & Monthly Cash Flow For Life Working Just a few Hours Per Week

Even If You Have A Full-Time Job Or Business, A Family To Look 
After, & Are Completely New To Investing!

Even If You Have A Full-Time Job Or Business, A Family To Look After, & Are Completely New To Investing!

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27-28 July, 2024
5th - 7th July, 2024
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9:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Hilton Hotel, NEC Birmingham, B40 1PP
  Dates: 27th - 28th July, 2024
  Times: 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
  Location: Hotel Hotel, NEC Birmingham, B40 1PP

How We Build Wealth & Plan For Retirement Has Changed In 2024

Everything you’ve accomplished up until this very moment is proof that you work hard for what you want. 

But if you’re like most Brits, you’re not working smart.  

Sure, you have a good job and earn a comfortable living, but you’re still following the 40/40/40 plan.

The idea is that you spend 40 hours a week working for 40 years and when you eventually retire, you’ll be lucky to maintain just 40% of your current lifestyle.

But let’s face it: 

For many, it’s not just 40 hours a week – it’s pushing closer to 50, 60, or even 70 hours, and even working into retirement to cover basic living expenses leaving you feeling hopeless and frustrated.

If you’re not lucky, you could:
  • Be forced to live off the £185.15 average weekly pension 
  • Join the 46% of 55-59-year-olds with unmanageable debt
  • Have less than £50k in your pension pot as living expenses skyrocket
But what if we told you that you could make at least 18%+ ROI per year and secure a £2M retirement AND cash flow with one simple method we’re sharing at this live, in-person Workshop?

Learn How To Build Wealth From Seasoned Experts At Our Workshop:

The Gateway To Abundance:

Understanding Your Position On The 5 Levels Of Wealth

The 5 Levels of Wealth framework offers a structured approach to assess your financial status and set goals for achieving greater stability, security, and ultimately, abundance. Each stage reflects a significant shift in financial strategy, lifestyle, and priorities. 

Our aim is to help you get to Level 4, whilst giving you the tools to get to Level 5

Level 1: Survival

No Asset-Backed Income Streams - Trading Time For Money
You might have a job or a small business, but like 70% of the UK, your credit cards are maxed out, you’re trading time for money, and you barely have enough to cover your living expenses. You can’t remember the last time you looked at a menu and ordered what you wanted (not what was cheapest) and didn’t have to make excuses for skipping appetisers and desserts. You need to understand how to obtain asset-backed income streams to relieve the financial strain you face every month and put at least 10% away for life improvements each month.

Level 2: Stability

1 Income Stream Generating £5K+ Per Month
You have a job or business that pays the bills, but as you have little to no savings or back up plan, you often wonder what would happen if you lost it all. At this stage, you need to build your credit and financial literacy skills to buy cash-flowing and reliable assets, including property, stocks, and shares, so you can take time off work, leverage savvy tax deductions, and achieve financial stability. 

Level 3: Security

2 - 3 Income Streams Generating £10K+ Per Month
You’re living comfortably, you’ve sacked your boss, and are working less hours. You’ve even paid off your debt and contributed a significant amount to savings and investments. But you’re still having to trade some of your time for money. You’re dreaming of a life where you have complete time freedom and the power to give back to your community. Now, you need to leverage your time and assets to build your wealth and unlock the next stage of financial freedom and success. 

Level 4: Freedom

4 - 5 Income Streams Generating £25K+ Per Month
You’re earning a significant amount of money and no longer worry about your financial health. Now, you need to start thinking about reducing your tax bill, leveraging a SSAS pension, and utilising ‘one-and-done’ strategies to replace your job and create hands-free wealth. Here, you’ll focus on investing in cash-flowing assets and scaling your business to run like a well-oiled machine without you. We can help you get to this level fast, and from there - you choose whether you want to unlock the elite stage of wealth in Level 5. 

Level 5: Abundance

7 Income Streams Generating £100K+ Per Month
You have multiple asset-backed income streams which allows you to spend on luxuries and heavily invest in your community or philanthropic projects without a second thought. You drive your dream Porsche 911, regularly travel to exotic locations like Dubai and the Bahamas, and have achieved ultimate abundance and success. The final piece of your wealth-building puzzle is focused on building a legacy, creating disaster-proof structures, and leveraging tax strategies to keep more of your money in your pocket. 

The Steps To Abundance:

Leveraging The Circle Of Wealth To Progress Up The Levels 

Step 1: Make Money: The 3 S’s

Understanding how to make more money and make that money work for you in today’s world through courage, self-belief, and a proven step-by-step framework. 

#1: Strategy
#2: Self-Belief
#3: Steps

Step 2: Manage Money: The 3 P’s

Trading time for money will only get you so far. Investing in wealth-generating assets and influencing the market in your favour is how the top 1% generate more income.

#1: Planning
#2: Protection
#3: Persistence

Step 3: Multiply Money: The 3 I’s

Trading time for money will only get you so far. Investing in wealth-generating assets and influencing the market in your favour is how the top 1% generate more income.

#1: Investing
#2: Influence
#3: Income
The Circle Of Wealth is the step-by-step system taking ordinary people from being stuck and burnt out in the 40/40/40 plan to generating life-changing passive income every.single.year.

“But the more I make, the more the Government takes!”

Well, what if you could stop watching 30-50% of your income disappear into the tax black hole month after month?

If you’re tired of seeing hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, transferred to the Government from your personal income month after month, this framework is even more important for you to learn.

Within this framework, you won’t just discover 16 tax-saving strategies that you can implement right away to keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs – in your pocket…

We’ll also show you how to sidestep the pension crisis unfolding in the UK. 

Instead of trusting your legacy to a corporation on the brink of collapse, you can keep your pension ‘in-house,’ ensuring complete control, flexibility, and asset protection.

Bottom line:

From digital assets and stock market investments to securing property investments and SSAS pensions, the Circle of Wealth is YOUR end-to-end wealth-building solution that unlocks returns of 18%+ ROI or MORE per year.

For reference: If you invest £100,000 at an annual return rate of 18%, in 10 years, your investment could grow to approximately £596,933.29

How YOU Can Personally Achieve Abundance

The Money Mastery Workshop 

The Money Mastery workshop is where you’ll discover the 7/7/7 Plan.

The 7/7/7 Plan is a cutting-edge formula designed to empower you to build 7 income streams in less than 7 years making you a minimum of 7 figures per year. 

You do not need any special skills to learn, understand, or implement it. 

During the workshop, you will leverage the 5 levels of wealth - Survival, Stability, Security, Freedom, and Abundance - to create a realistic and actionable roadmap utilising The Circle Of Wealth framework. 

From identifying lucrative property investments to leveraging the power of multiple passive income streams…

This workshop provides invaluable insights into the principles and practices driving financial success in 2024 and beyond. 

Our Success Stories

‘Learned Skills To Propel My Business To Another Level’

“Learned skills that are going to propel my business to another level and increase my conversion rate enormously. It was an amazing mindset shift from "selling is sleazy" to "Selling in Serving".”
- Gus Chaves

‘Informative, Detailed, & Real Life Examples Presented!’

“I attended the 3 day Bootcamp and it was more than I could have expected: informative, detailed, real life examples presented. I would recommend anyone to go for it if you are interested in starting a business or at least know how it works!”
- Julija Sajenkoviene

‘I’m SO Pleased I Attended’

“I hadn't appreciated how much information I would receive from the Team who are all lovely and so down to earth. I've had training before but this experience was putting the practical application of the knowledge into place. I'm so pleased I attended.”
- Patrick Bernard Joseph

During This 2-Day Workshop, 
You’ll Uncover The 6 Major Areas 
of Wealth Creation: 

You’ll Discover:

How to break free of financial chains and build your own 100k a year hands-free business working part-time hours
ONE secret that only millionaires know and seldom share to walk away from the JOB (just over broke) FOREVER.
How you can set up a SSAS pension and save £10,000s if not £100,000’s in corporation tax every year
The 5 major areas of financial freedom and how you can implement it immediately to ensure generational wealth for you and your family 
How to build long-term cash flow and master the 21 life-changing financial techniques using The Circle Of Wealth framework
The 16 tax-deductible expenses that you should be leveraging in your limited company to maximise your savings and keep more money in your pocket
How to build a property portfolio using 7 proven strategies that generate consistent returns and secure you and your family’s financial future
The four major ways to raise joint venture funding and never have to worry about money for your current (or future) business or deals again 
How to make a minimum of £250k profit from just one commercial property transaction (even if you’ve never invested before!) 
The #1 investing strategy the banks don’t want you to know about that can make you a minimum of 18% ROI per year in just 5 minutes per day 

Plus MORE!

Learn How To Build Wealth From Seasoned Experts At Our Workshop:

Meet The Speakers

Liam Ryan
Liam J Ryan isn’t your typical entrepreneur – he’s a property wizard, business guru, podcast pro, and best-selling author rolled into one! As the co-founder of Assets For Life, the UK’s leading business and wealth training organisation, Liam’s all about helping regular folks level up their lives through real estate. Today, Liam proudly wears multiple hats as a Professional Property Investor, esteemed Property trainer, and sought-after international speaker. So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of property and business with someone who’s been there, done that, and got the t-shirt, Liam’s your guy!
Mike Greene
Meet Mike Greene, star of Channel 4's Secret Millionaire. Mike is a dynamic business leader, strategist, and mentor with a stellar track record. Mike has made significant contributions across various industries and demonstrated unparalleled leadership skills throughout his career. Mike has mentored and advised thousands, including celebrities, Fortune 500 board members, SMEs, and start-ups - as well as having an extensive a portfolio of over 30 start-ups, including Shazam and Chargemaster. 
Jim Francis
Jim Francis, a distinguished business and wealth strategist, embarked on a remarkable journey that transitioned him from a successful corporate leader at a Fortune 500 company to a trailblazing entrepreneur. His career highlights include the launch of the inaugural Tony Robbins franchise in Toronto, Canada, and the promotion of influential speakers such as Brian Tracy, Ken Blanchard, Les Brown, Charles Givens, and Robert Kiyosaki.  

Jim has launched more than twenty companies in the real estate and financial education sectors. His dedication to teaching has reached over a million people worldwide, enhancing their knowledge and skills in wealth creation. The combined ventures initiated by Jim have impressively generated over 1.5 billion dollars in sales.  

Jim is a prolific author and is passionate about sharing practical strategies for business and wealth prosperity. He looks forward to sharing his insights on wealth and business. FREE! 
Mark Stokes
Meet Mark, a seasoned property developer, mentor, author, and business investor with over 30 years of experience. Leaving behind corporate life in 2015, he founded and operated numerous national and international businesses, managing projects from £1m to £1bn. Now, Mark’s passion lies in helping others achieve financial independence through property and business ownership. As co-founder of EquaAcademy, he offers high-performance training and mentoring, covering everything from start-ups to multi-million-pound ventures.
Stephen Pitcher
Stephen Pitcher is a Senior Partner and regulated Financial Adviser with 40 years of experience helping business owners build capital tax efficiently and plan for retirement through specialist pensions, investment & auto-enrolment advice.

‘The Behavioural Millionaire’ presentation will focus on the key principles of money management and the behavioural habits that sabotage financial success in all business sectors. Learn and apply these lifetime lessons to skyrocket your results immediately and for your dream future. 
Hadjer Beyaz
Meet Hadjer. From humble roots, working in a department store, to building a multi-award winning property business with over 100 properties, Hadjer's rise to prominence is nothing short of inspirational. 

Now, she's dedicated to sharing her experience with enthusiastic property investors to help them achieve their goals. 

Aside from property, Hadjer is also a passionate public speaker and the host of the 'Diaries Of Success' Podcast. 
Shaz Nawaz
Meet Shaz, the powerhouse behind aa Chartered Accountants. But he’s not your typical number-cruncher – Shaz’s expertise goes beyond the balance sheet as he specalizes in helping ‘normal people’ boost profits and personal wealth through proven tax and wealth-building strategies. Plus, he walks the walk, with a growing property portfolio to prove it. As an inspiring speaker and prolific author, Shaz is changing the game one success story at a time.
Nick Staab
Nick Staab is the co-founder of the Elite Sales Academy, one of the UK's leading sales training companies that has helped thousands of sales professionals from all different industries. He's a much sought-after speaker, trainer and sales coach.

From Canvassing door to door for an energy company in Australia to selling for the biggest education companies in the UK, Nick has always known that the secret art of selling is to serve his clients. 

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More Success Stories

‘Full Of Information & So Engaging’

“All the days were full of information, it was engaging and never ever for a minute I blinked or felt bored. Looking forward to being trained under your guidance. It’s going to be a Transformational journey for me!”
- Sujata

‘I Rarely Give 5 Stars But These Guys Deserve 6’

“Full of great people with various professional experiences and therefore we are provided with different perspectives from each presenter. I love the mindset, attitude and professional approach. I rarely give 5 stars but these guys deserve 6”
- Przemysław Szymczak

‘The Amount Of Value Given In This Room Was Outstanding’

“What an absolutely amazing few days. The amount of value given in this room was outstanding. He gave far more than expected and you can tell how real and passionate he is with regards to passing knowledge on to people who share his enthusiasm.”
- Robert Salmon
Neil & Jacqui Dobson
  • Level 5 Abundance
  • ​7 income streams
  • ​66 property deals
  • ​Raised over £2million in JV finance
Cindy Bansal
  • Level 3 Security
  • £1 million business
  • ​Multiple streams of income
  • ​£350k of equity
Hadjer Beyaz
  • Level 5 Abundance
  • ​Over 150 creative business deals
  • ​Multiple income streams
  • ​Over £100k of JV finance
Shaun Bartle
  • Level 3 Security
  • Over 5 creative business deals
  • 3+ Streams of income
  • ​Raised £250k in JV funding
Simba & Vicki
  • Level 4 Freedom
  • 22 property deals
  • Multiple streams of income
Rob Bulman
  • Level 2 Stability
  • Starting out property developer
  • Raised £250k in JV finance
Daniel Steele
  • Level 3 Security
  • ​Over 10 creative business deals
Rob Mason
  • Level 5 Abundance
  • ​Over 200 creative business deals
Stephen Murray
  • Level 2 Stability
  • £250k in sales
Diane Morton
  • Level 3 Security
  • Over £500k in sales
Tudor and Claudia Dumitru
  • Level 2 Stability
  • Over 5 creative business deals
Laura North
  • Level 2 Stability
  • 10 property deals
Oliver Roworth
  • Level 2 Stability
  • 12 creative business deals
  • Level 4 Freedom
  • Raised over £1M in joint
    venture funding
  • ​Built a multi-million pound
    property portfolio
Ashley Crave
  • Level 3 Security
  • 18 High cash-flowing property deals

Learn How To Build Wealth From Seasoned Experts At Our Workshop:

Life-Changing, Why Can I Attend For Free?”

Pick up any newspaper or turn to any news channel on the TV: it’s no secret that pensions have changed drastically in the last decade alone.

The problem is that most people don’t think about their retirement plan until it’s too late. 

We don’t want you to be left feeling vulnerable and fearful for the future in your golden years like the 60% of people who aren’t saving enough for retirement.

We want to help you prepare and build wealth NOW and become part of the 40%. 

That’s why we’re hosting this educational Workshop free of charge. 

We want to draw back the curtain and empower you with the financial literacy skills you need to regain control of your time, freedom, and cash flow now and into retirement. 

But know this: Tickets are limited

If you register for this event, you’re making a commitment to show up and give this Workshop your all.

There will be thousands of people feeling let down and kicking themselves for missing out.

Don’t be the person who abandons their commitments when it’s go-time and snatches away what could have been someone else’s golden opportunity. Become the no-nonsense person who’s ready to prioritise their future and leaves no room for excuses or error. 

This Is For You If:

You crave the freedom and security that comes with multiple streams of passive income
You’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck and ready to break free from financial constraints
You dream of leaving a lasting legacy for your loved ones and providing them with the opportunities you never had
You’re sick of watching others succeed while you feel stuck in a cycle of financial uncertainty

You know you should be doing something about your future, but you haven’t taken action due to lack of guidance or motivation 
You’re determined to transform your financial situation and make 2024 the year you finally achieve your financial goals


Register By Midnight To Get 7 Exclusive Bonuses Worth £2,500 FREE:

Upon Registration, You’ll Receive:

Bonus #1

101+ Money Making & Saving Solutions

Imagine having an entire library of wealth-building strategies at your fingertips, ready to help you make and save money like never before. Whether you’re a savvy investor or just starting on your financial journey, you can discover over 100 secrets to financial success today so you can acquire your first multi-figure asset at record speed!

Bonus #2

The AFL Community Hub

Become part of our supportive community and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and investors. You can expect special access to events, strategic tools and resources to accelerate your success, and access to our innovative training journey that includes our CPD-accredited training programs to help you make your first £100,000. 

On Attendance, You’ll Receive:

Bonus #1

The Investor Matrix

Packed with essential questions tailored to help you raise capital for your deals, this resource is a game-changer for boosting your confidence and becoming a money magnet for your business. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to fundraising, you’ll walk away with the tools you need to easily raise capital within the next 30 days. 

Bonus #2

The Financial Planner Maximiser

Harness the power of cutting-edge financial planning tools to take your wealth management skills to new heights. From creating personalised budgets to setting and achieving your financial goals, this has everything you need to optimise your financial planning process and save 4, 5, or even 6 figures every year. 

Bonus #3

Liam’s Personal 60-Second Agent Script

Don’t let a lack of sales skills or telephone tricks get in the way of your wealth-building journey - this 60-second script will show you exactly what to say for the best chance of getting agents and landlords on your side so you can maximize your income and impact on every phone call you make in as little as 30 days. 

Bonus #4

16 Ways To Reduce Your Tax Bill In 2024

Discover 16 essential strategies to maximise tax savings for your UK limited company in 2024. From office expenses to charitable donations, this comprehensive guide provides actionable insights to help you navigate tax regulations with confidence and boost your profitability like the top 1%. 

Bonus #5

Mark Stokes’ Game Changing Commercial 
Conversions Book

Mark Stokes’ Game Changing Commercial Conversions Book

Get your hands on the must-have book for property investors and discover the lucrative investing secrets behind game-changing commercial conversions. You’ll get a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of all the proven strategies, plus 19x inspirational case studies to sink your teeth into so that you can secure your first £250,000 commercial conversion deal. 

Learn How To Build 
Wealth From Seasoned Experts At Our Workshop:

Imagine If:

You invested in highly lucrative compounding assets that doubled your money EVERY 4 years like clockwork
Traveling with your family and friends while making the money you want on autopilot became ‘the norm.’
Teaching your family wealth-building strategies was something you could offer to ensure your kids are set for life. 
You no longer had to worry about the day-to-day running of your business and or quitting your job was a no-brainer. 
Finally, you unlocked the skills you need to fill your income gaps and live the laptop lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about in just 2 DAYS.

It’s Not Just A Dream - It’s Possible At The Money Mastery Workshop!

Learn How To Build Wealth From Seasoned Experts At Our Workshop:

A Property Business & Wealth Education Co.


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